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The CryptoNote Story

The development of the internet has helped the liberation of knowledge tremendously. It has created plenty of opportunities that are easily accessible by the large majority of the world’s peoples. Despite all this increased freedom and opportunity, a select few are still exerting tremendous control over the global population. They do this by controlling the world’s money; by wielding the traditional financial system as a sledge hammer or by outright denying some people the right to participate. The collective greed of a rent seeking class has been the main driver for crisis after crisis where profits were kept private and losses were socialized. In late 2008, during the subprime mortgage crisis, an anonymous developer released the Bitcoin whitepaper upon the world. From that moment on, the first steps were made to bring the battle for freedom to the next frontier. Unowned, uncensored, unstoppable; Bitcoin is the first fully decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system. However, until this day Bitcoin is the most transparent ledger in the world, which opens it up to chain analysis. It is pseudonymous at best and, as a consequence, does not provide adequate financial freedom. Luckily, another anonymous developer, going by the name Nicolas van Saberhagen, appeared on the scene and gave us the CryptoNote protocol. This protocol allows for truly unlinkable and untraceable peer-to-peer digital payments. A diverse eosystem of cryptocurrencies based on this protocol has emerged from the transparent darkness of the first generation of cryptocurrencies. True financial privacy is now a possibility thanks to the work of those who came before us.

Meet the family – the family of forks!

The CryptoNote protocol was first implemented in the Bytecoin cryptocurrency which turned out to be a false start. Nowadays, many cryptocurrencies that make use of the CryptoNote protocol have come into existence. The Forkmaps website was created by JerMe404 to give an overview of this extended family. It shows the coin list, their mining algorithms as well as all relevant coin links like Bitcointalk threads, social media presence and websites. Many of these projects are started (and abandoned) for shits and giggles, quite a few are blatant cash grabs and scams but there are those select few that are genuinely trying to further the development of digital and financial privacy by contributing improvements to the CryptoNote protocol. In the very least, there are some pretty sweet logos to be seen! It almost looks like a candy store…or a pharmacy?