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Archive for Month: February 2019

Guest Post – Nithronium – Pond Mining: Crypto’s Current Centralized State (part 1)

Today we are happy to announce our second guest post: Osman Kuzucu aka Nithronium will tell us about the current state of cryptocurrency mining. As mentioned in a previous article  he is working on a CryptoNote improvement that will allow decentralized mining pools in an unprecedented way. In this first […]

Guest Post – XMRanon – What is RandomX?

Today we have our first guest post by XMRanon. He will enlighten us about a potential new Monero Algorithm called RandomX. Developed by a trio (Tevador, hyc, and SChernykh) over the course of the last year with the goal of pushing ASICS off the network, RandomX is the name of […]